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Charleston's Retirement Coach

Aug 30, 2021

25% of workers don’t ever want to stop working, but even these people need to have a plan. Brandon explains the importance of having a “retire to something” mentality. Plus, the 4 critical areas everyone needs to have covered for their retirement years. Does your plan include these items? Visit

Aug 23, 2021

There are four basic questions that people commonly ask financial advisors. On this episode, we list them out and Brandon shares how he responds to concerns about news headlines, income, and legacy planning. Got retirement planning questions? Visit

Aug 16, 2021

On this episode, Tim Tebow admits he’s a big believer of "bucket strategies." Plus, if you’re close to retirement, is The Great Resignation a movement in which you should participate? Begin your exit strategy plan, and visit

Aug 9, 2021

“Rebalancing” is a term that financial advisors use a lot, but why do we need to do it? Brandon talks about how to know when to rebalance, and how to do it. Worried about the risk you have in your retirement savings? Visit