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Charleston's Retirement Coach

Jul 26, 2021

89% of 401(k) savers wish they had an annuity option in their savings plan, still most plans don’t offer them. Brandon explains ways to create your own guaranteed income streams for retirement. Learn how to create a “DIY pension.” Visit

Jul 12, 2021

There are 678 ways to file for Social Security…Translation - Social Security is very confusing. Brandon talks about the 2 biggest SS mistakes he sees people make, and shares ideas on how to avoid these mistakes yourself. Want a complementary Social Security Maximization Report? Visit 

Jul 5, 2021

Former major leaguer Bobby Bonilla has been retired for 20 years… and yet, he still gets a $1million check from his old team every July 1st, which is why many now call it “Bobby Bonilla” day. Brandon explains ways to create this kind of income plan for yourself. Learn more about retirement income consistency at