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Charleston's Retirement Coach

Jun 28, 2021

Only half of investors routinely rebalance their retirement portfolios. Brandon explains why this practice is critical, particularly for retirees. Need help rebalancing your accounts? Visit

Jun 21, 2021

President Biden says he want to put a retroactive tax on capital gains to April of 2021. Is there any way to plan for this kind of taxation? And the 1 expense you may never have, but is incredibly expensive if you do. Plan for LTC in a way that won’t waste your money. Learn more at

Jun 14, 2021

You save and dream about life after you leave the working world behind, but how do you figure out when you can really, really afford to retire? Brandon talks about some “check-list” items you need to address, and the importance of “thinking ahead.” Learn about your “retirement time-frame.” Visit

Jun 7, 2021

Phil Mickelson broke records when he won the PGA Championship at age 50 and walked away with $2 million… until Uncle Sam took half of those winnings back to Washington. Brandon talks about the details of this devilish deal, and how you too can suffer from the “Uncle Sam Effect” on your retirement accounts. Want to...