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Charleston's Retirement Coach

Mar 27, 2020

The market has been so erratic that many of us would prefer to keep our distance if we could. On certain days, many have been wondering if they should make big moves like going to cash. Before you do anything, take a deep breath… and listen to why Brandon feels it’s not time to panic… But it is the perfect time to...

Mar 21, 2020

The closing numbers of the Dow and NASDAQ on Friday wrapped up U.S. markets’ worst week since the 2008 financial crisis. Brandon explains what soon to be and current retirees need to be focused, and shares some good news we all need to hear!

Mar 12, 2020

There was a major market nosedive this past week in reaction to the Coronavirus, and Wall Street hit the brakes. Brandon discusses the concern we all have: Could this global pandemic cause a recession and harm our financial future? – And more importantly, how you have more control of the economy inside the 4 walls of...

Mar 2, 2020

A significant rise in Coronavirus cases triggered an economic fallout on Monday February 24th, sending the Dow Jones industrial average down 1,000-plus points… the third-largest single-day drop in market history! If you’re like many investors, you reacted by checking your investments and 401(k)s. On this episode...