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Charleston's Retirement Coach

Feb 17, 2020

Since we aren’t CPA’s (and find other matters more enjoyable), most of us don’t have a lot of knowledge about tax laws… Especially since they seem to change frequently! Using down to earth language, Brandon explains how taxes can affect the future of your investments, and how the SECURE ACT impacts not only...

Feb 10, 2020

Most of us are loyal to a few name brands instead of opting for the less expensive generic options. It could be cereal, coffee or even a specific brand of shoes? On this episode, Brandon tackles a much pricier and dangerous dilemma: Can generic rule-of-thumb advice damage your financial future?

Feb 3, 2020

A recent national study revealed that when the paychecks stop, $1 million should fund a 22 to 23-year retirement in Charleston, SC. Brandon has been a financial advisor in the low country for many years, and on this episode he explains why this study isn’t necessarily true, and defines the 5 steps to retirement you...